Yogaslacker doing some Acroyoga

A few nice Yoga fitness images I found:

Yogaslacker doing some Acroyoga
Yoga fitness
Image by a4gpa
My friend Alissa would like to win a photo contest for a free yogaslacker retreat. If you could vote for the following image in the contest, I would greatly appreciate it. Click on the following link and vote from there:

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Strobist Info: Profoto D1 shoot through a gridded Mola Sollo camera left.

Fitness Classes
Yoga fitness
Image by Nottingham Trent University
We offer a wide variety of fitness classes to help you stay active, while balancing a busy lifestyle of work and social time.

Mild exercise (such as Yoga or core workout) can release endorphins, which are the hormones that give you that post-exercise feel-good factor.

More vigorous exercise (such as Zumba or Spin) can help with managing your weight, using up calories that would otherwise be stored as fat.

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