It Is Very Important For Men Losing Weight To Start Running And Building Their Muscles

It is a known fact that some men take in more calories than women do and vice versa. In addition to men eating heavier meals than women, they also consume more alcoholic beverages. These drinks are well known for their high caloric values which are distributed to various locations in the body. This makes it a lot harder for men to lose weight than for women. However, with proper running exercises and muscle building techniques, men losing weight can tone their bodies far beyond their expectations especially if a healthy diet is added to the equation.

For men who are fighting to drop the extra pounds, running and building up the muscles are crucial to weight loss. Running has more benefits than just increasing muscle strength in the legs as it also helps to increase the cardiovascular system. Running is a very good exercise in itself as one does not require any equipment other than one’s own body. And it can be done alone or with a friend. You will also need a good running course with some variety in the level of difficulty such as slopes and hills. This will increase the strength of your muscles.

According to the magazine “Runner’s World”, one can burn 11 calories per minute just by running. If this is done on a regular schedule, even more calories are burned. In order to make the most of your running efforts, add a little variety to your route by adding areas which have an incline. If you get bored with your running routine, you can add some spice by including some interval training, uphill runs, and sprinting. This is important for results in men losing weight as it will help tighten up muscles which have become slack from the weight loss.

Another Method

Very similar to running, getting the core muscles in shape is very important for men losing weight as they will look flabby otherwise. There are even specific exercises which target core muscles of the body to make them leaner and stronger. Some of the simpler exercises are the best to start with and the ones for the lower body are lunges and squats while for the upper part of the torso there are bench presses. Lifting weights are the normal choice for most people who are beginners at building their muscle strength.

Doing such exercises should become a part of your daily workout routine since it forces the body to burn calories even while you are at rest. It strengthens the heart muscles and lung function as well. In addition, it is important for men to take note of their daily calorie intake. A good nutritious diet is also vital for shedding pounds and avoid drinks which contain alcohol.

Another sound tip for men losing weight is to reduce the serving size of your meals. However, increase the amount of proteins, fats and good carbs in your diet as these help to make muscles stronger.

Photo by tajai