Wahoo Trainer Lineup Sound Test: KICKR vs CORE vs SNAP vs ROLLR

Today’s post is one of those ones that’s best done via video. Or, at the very least audio. Thus, the above video.

As the title of this post implies, this is a direct sound/volume/noise comparison between all of Wahoo’s current lineup of bike trainers, one after another. I go through the following units:

Wahoo KICKR V5/2020

I skipped the Wahoo KICKR Bike because it’s not a trainer. Plus, I don’t have one. But I don’t think there’s too many people that are using noise as the deciding factor between the KICKR V5/2020 and the $ 3,500 KICKR BIKE (and spoiler, noise levels between those two are basically the same).

For the test above, I tested each trainer at three different speeds (wheel speed is all that matters for volume on a smart trainers):

Slow speed (easiest gearing): This is ideal for ERG mode, because not only is it the quietest on every trainer, but it also increases accuracy/responsiveness in ERG mode on virtually every trainer.

Cruising along speed (20MPH/30KPH): This would be the speed you’d likely be in within a group ride or just cruising along at a good clip.

Sprint speed: This is basically the loudest the trainer gets at the fastest I’m able to make it go (on flat ground).

Within the video I do each test successively for each trainer, and then towards the end I compare them rapid-fire style back to back.

Go forth and enjoy!

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