Start  A Slimmer You With These Thirteen Foods For Weight Loss

Many people decide the new year with a do it yourself makeover. This usually includes losing weight. This means that they need to know which good foods for weight loss are needed. These have been nicknamed “super foods” and with good reason. The nutrients contained in these foods help the body to function and also enhance the body’s ability to burn fats which is necessary for weight loss.

Grab your pencil and paper to write down these important items you will need to keep stocked up on.

Make Sure That You Have These Foods

1. Apples are one of the good foods for weight loss. Recent research has shown that eating apples can help to prevent metabolic syndrome. This condition is caused by having too much “belly fat” which results in the waist being shaped like an apple.

2.There is a myth that eggs are high in cholesterol content but this is wrong. Research has shown that by eating scrambled eggs for breakfast, you will have more stable blood sugar levels. They also help you to control your appetite through the day. This also is one of the good foods for weight loss.

3. A cereal which has a high fiber content is wonderful for weight loss. It will not only keep you feeling full for a much longer period of time, but is also an aide in healthy digestion.

4. Although avocados are high in fat content, it is beneficial fats not harmful ones. These fats are not only healthy for your cardiovascular system, but also keeps you full longer.

5. In some cases, it is healthy drinks which are on the list of good foods and green tea is growing in popularity as such. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and catcheins which aide the body in burning fat.

6. Salmon is a delectable seafood is highly prized for it’s content of healthy fats which improve your heart health. For the purpose of weight loss, these fish contain Omega 3 fatty acids which enhance the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

7. Chiles not only add flavor and zest to your meals, but they also boost up your metabolism. Chilies contain a substance called capsaicin which gives them their heat which makes the body burns calories much faster even when you sleep.

8. Beans not only reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, but also help to regulate blood sugar levels.

9. For a definite way to calm down those hunger pangs, lean beef is at the top of the list. Lean beef contains an amino acid called eucine which reduces fat in the body and builds muscle mass.

10. Add olive oil to a salad or lightly brown your vegetables in this tasty oil will really help you drop those extra pounds. The menstruated fats in this oil are what boost your body’s ability to burn fat.

11. Plain, non-processed oats are a good source of fiber and contain carbohydrates which are released a little at a time. It works best if these are eaten a few hours before a workout.

12. All berries are a healthy food, but blueberries are number one. They have many antioxidants and each cup contains 3 grams of fiber.

13. Sweet potatoes are loaded with healthy fiber. They can also curb your cravings for junk foods.

So there you have it, the foods for weight loss that you need which can also improve your health.