Just a quick heads up for those that aren’t subscribed on YouTube, that I’ve just hit publish on my detailed 45-minute long user guide for the new Suunto Vertical watch. In this guide I dive into virtually every feature and how it works, or at least, almost every menu option and what it does. As always, the video isn’t limited to just the new fancy stuff, but I also cover all of the existing and basic watch features too. So whether you’re a first-timer Suunto user, or upgrading from an older Suunto model, the guide should cover all the information you’ll need to get started (and likely a boatload more that you probably never knew you needed to know.)

I go start off with the hardware, followed by a deep-dive into all the widgets (including new features). From there I talk about real-world battery usage and examples with the new solar features. After that I break-out the flashlight and then it’s straight into sport usage for quite a while, including customizing sport modes and all the options you get when you start a workout. After that a brief touch on sensor pairing before I spend quite a while on mapping, navigation, routing, and the new WiFi connectivity. Finally, I wrap things up with a look at the companion Suunto app, and some of the core features there that help get the most out of the watch.

There’s plenty of goodness and tips/tidbits in this video that I don’t cover as deeply in the written review. But best of all, you can skip right to the video section you’re looking for using the YouTube chapters in the video itself, or the quick-links below:

0:00 Suunto Vertical hardware overview
2:09 Watch Face, Widgets Deep-Dive, Activity Tracking, Sleep, Morning Report
13:22 Solar & Battery Usage Considerations/Real World Examples
17:15 Flashlight Feature
18:34 Sport Modes, Customization, Usage
27:37 Sensor Pairing
29:16 Mapping, Navigation, WiFi
41:34 Suunto App Explainer

As always, give it a whirl, especially checking out the notably new sections (such as mapping and map downloads via WiFi), or the solar bits. Thanks for watching!

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