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Standing on a 4D Wave Vibration Machine
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Image by timtak
This is more like it. I put the wave machine, which is meant for sitting on, on top of a whole body vibration machine, that is meant for standing on (but only goes up and down and side to side), and stood on it, for a 4D up down left right, PLUS rotational exercise experience and it is good. There are "4D vibration plates" but they usually just combine up-down left-right with vibration. It is the torsional movements that exercise the muscles that have become weak in my bottom ("core").

The wave slider machine that is meant for sitting on, and is dangerous to stand on, that provides the torsional movement that I need can be purchased on Amazon Japan though I believe it is no longer made by Daito, the maker. I don’t think that there is a vibration machine that rotates. There are machines with curved arrows on each side of the machine in the explanation but I think that these curved arrows refer to the up-down rocking motion at each end.

I think that it is torsional (rotational) weakness and strength that is all important. Really fit people who can do squats holding lots of weight still get hip instability problems (see for instance the super fit Coach Chris of Critical Bench get the wobbles here) and loads of really fit, thin, older people, even in Japan, have painful knees. The reason is a sort of built in obsolescence that plagues the only bipedal animal. I think that primarily, the loss of the small muscles in the butt result in a reduction in strength in our ability to twist our legs inwards and outwards. If our interior rotational strength becomes weak our legs tend to rotate outwards under load, resulting in *bow legs* and this hurts the knees. If we our exterior rotational strength becomes then our legs tend to rotate inwards under load, resulting in *knock-knees*. This also causes knee pain. When we get weaker still we get a pain in the butt, and then hip instability. Hence both hip instability and knee pain so prevalent in older people is due in small part in weakness of the small rotational "core" muscles, in the lateral rotator group (gluteus minimus, piriformis, superior gemellus, inferior gemellus, and obturator internus).

It is very difficult to find and do exercises to target these small rotational muscles. The standard exercises for promoting rotational strength are, for exterior rotational strength, clam shells (like on your side knees bent with band around your knees and open your legs like a clam shell opening), and for interior rotational strength, "reverse clam shells" (lie in the same position but with the band around your ankles and move your upper ankle up at the back). However, it is especially difficult to target the small butt muscles ("of our core" as it is euphemistically put) because we can use other muscles in our leg. Golf, batting, scything, karate roundhouse kicks, doing "The Twist," Hoola hooping, and other rotational core movements will help. But if there were a machine to stand on that provided rotational instability forcing us to use those small muscles to remain standing upright, then that would exercise the crucial little muscles that are causing humans so much knee pain, premature aging, and general dodderiness.

There is a new vibration machine with "spiral" and "mobius drive" motion Vibra Pro M5 and M7 which are available in the USA. I think it uses its three linear motors to move around in a sort of rectangular motion, It looks promising but a similar rotational movement (mobius? figure of 8) is provided by my 15 usd wave slider. I purchased another for 1 yen (about 1 cent US) plus postage (15USD) on auction.

Dame Edna
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Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer
An intimate night with Dame Edna: New Jenny Craig ambassador performs at Civic Hotel, Sydney

The Jenny Craig (Australia) official website reads: Dame Edna Everage is undoubtedly one of the most endearing Australian comic characters of all time, and one of the longest-lived comedic characterisations ever devised. Originally conceived in 1956, Edna has long since transcended her modest origins as a satire of Australian suburbia to become one of the most successful, best-known and well-loved comedy characters of all time.

As Dame Edna Everage prepares for her farewell tour "Eat, Pray, Live,” she has turned to Jenny to help her lose 15 kilos and fit back into those gorgeous stage outfits she is renowned for.

We secured more information on the latest marketing and media blitz on arguably Australia’s highest profile diet and weight loss company…

The new Jenny Craig ambassador announcement was always going to be hard to keep a secret!

The new Jenny ambassadors are Dame Edna Everage and Barrie Humphries and they performed tonight at the Civic Hotel in Sydney.


Humphries inks deal with Jenny Craig…

Barry Humphries is known for inventive ways to make a dollar, but this really takes the cake… so to speak.

In a deal understood to be worth more in excess of 0,000 Humphries, now 78, has become an ambassador for the weight loss program around the same time he hits the Australian stage for his last ever shows.

Jenny Craig is also snatching exposure by Humphries’ alter ego, Dame Edna Everage, promoting the arrangement.

Previous "Jenny" ambassadors such as Magda Szubanski, a recently self outed lesbian, have discovered, signing up to Jenny Craig also comes at a substantial personal price.

Humphries have never been one to expose much of his private life in the public or media domain, is about to become a lot more public about his business and personal life and lifestyle.

Humphries has previously endorsed companies such as Vision Australia and Myer.

The rumour mill says he earned about 0,000 to front up Myers ad campaigns and make personal appearances at the store’s Melbourne Cup marquee a few years back.

You can bet news media is about to become a lot more intimate with Barry (and Edna), and as long as he’s making a dollar (and loosing some pounds), he seems pretty content with it all possums.


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Kiss management!
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Image by Mait Jüriado

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