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Prayers Please
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I’m asking you for your prayers.

Casper has lost a lot of weight, and is acting oddly. We took him to the vet, and his kidneys are shutting down. It has happened before, and a shot of fluids helped him recover fully. We’re hoping this treatment works again. Because if not—!

If you feel you can’t pray for a cat, pray for Jamie. She’s loved Casper for over 10 years now, and facing the loss of a family member is hard.

Update 7/19:
After seeming to make a rapid improvement, these past several days he seems to be on the downslide. He is laying around, seems to lack strength to jump up on the bed, and worse, hasn’t been drinking. He looks at the water bowl, then walks away. A little later, he is back to look at the water.

We poached some chicken in water, and fed him the water. He lapped at that for a long time.

I’m quite worried about him.

Update 7/20:
Last night was difficult. Casper roamed around, crying and seemingly unable to get comfortable. I don’t think he fed or drank all weekend, except for a couple tablespoons of broth we’d made.

Casper is having kidney failure. But, he has responded well to the subcutaneous saline we are injecting. The vet thinks his lack of feeding and drinking over the weekend could be because he has stomach ulcers… a side effect of kidney failure.

The vet is hopeful this weekend was "a glitch".

The doc gave him a shot of Pepcid for his ulcer, and we were shown how to inject fluids under his skin. If he responds to this, Jamie and I will be giving him subcutaneous fluids for the foreseeable future.

When we got home, he was a much-improved kitty. He even nibbled food. Jamie says he has been doing a bunch of sleeping today… which is better than last night when he was restless and roaming around crying.

Now, if this treatment doesn’t work, we are out of options. We are praying that it does.

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