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A few nice weight loss images I found:

Aerobithon – U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea – 19 May 2012
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Image by USAG-Humphreys
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U.S. Army photos by Rakendra Moore

Camp Humphreys hosts aerobithon

By Rakendra Moore
USAG Humphreys Public Affairs

CAMP HUMPHREYS — An aerobithon was held at the Super Gym May 19, with participants dancing, spinning, and jumping their way to better fitness.

“It was great,” said Elvia Palumbo, one of the Zumba instructors for the event. “This was a great way to introduce all of the classes offered in the Super Gym.”

The aerobithon included a warm-up session, followed by Zumba, a stationary bicycle workout and yoga.

“We worked the total body,” said Karen Morton, who organized the aerobithon. “Exercising like this helps you feel better about yourself.”

Morton once weighed 260 pounds, but turned her life around with regular workouts and can now say, “I think I look good for my age.”

Blair Bogle, who also participated in last year’s aerobithon, likewise praised the virtues of diet and exercise.

“Living a healthy life is an everyday thing,” she said.

“I think the energy is high and people are into taking care of their body for a lifetime,” Morton added. “This is a lifestyle for me.”

Also participating was the husband-wife team of Peter and Christi Herring, who have lost a total of 73 pounds this year.

“This was meant for younger people,” Mrs. Herring said with a laugh. “But I like it.”

Before & After
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Image by LadyDragonflyCC – >;<
This is me September 2014 (White shirt) & this was (Peach shirt) taken October 2015. I started on a weight loss journey in January 2015 at 208# at 5’3" and wearing a pant size of 16-18.
I was not happy with myself, had not worn a pair of jeans for more than 6 years, just stretch pants or sweats.
I bought the Nutribullet & stuck to that daily for 6 months & lost 40# by myself! YEA! Then I was introduced to "It Works" by a good friend of mine and since have lost 20# & multiple inches. I am now wearing a size 6 and weigh 145# (fluctuating of course), but I am wearing jeans again & I am so healthy & happy on a good path.
So the ONLY reason I looked at these products in the 1st. place was that they are ALL NATURAL and I like to grow some of my healing herbs for teas or purchase my needs that are ALL Natural. After I took a look at their prices also they were fairly comparable to store prices. BUT,,,,The benefits of their products had so much more properties that the price meant nothing after I felt the amazing effects!
I am now a distributor for It Works and taking it to a whole nother level. I have had so many experiences with this company in such a short time and can not believe the support that comes from the upline! I am directly below the Daughter, CEO, Black Diamond, Kami Dempsey. She is very helpful & willing to help in anyway even come to your house to give a party with or for you!
Anyone interested in learning about these amazing products or just would like to ask me a question with no hassles AT ALL, Please feel free to contact me & I would love to share any information about IT WORKS or my personal journey of getting to where I am at today!

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