Insta360 GO 2 Tiny Action Cam In-Depth Video Review

There’s a new winner in town for the smallest action camera. Or at least, the smallest action camera from a brand name you’ve probably heard of. While Insta360 has a more pronounced history in the 360° action cam market, over the last few years they’ve begun to shift more and more efforts into single-lens non-360 cameras. And today’s announcement doubles-down on their previous tiny camera with an equally small camera but now packed with more specs.

The case will remind you of an AirPods case, whereby the camera here can pop out and be used without the case. It’ll still connect to your phone though and steam a video preview if you want. Or, you can use the case as a remote control. Though, as one might expect, the size means a significantly reduced battery for the camera – just about 30 minutes. Whereas the case can top it up another 150 minutes (2.5 hours), allowing you to semi-constantly keep it charged. You can use the camera in the case though, which is frankly easier to hold anyway.

Now, like last week’s DJI FPV review, this review will be video-focused, since…well…it’s a video camera. Also, that tends to be where that kind of content does better for me. Plus, it frees me up to go out and finish up my SRM X MTB testing for my review in the coming day or so….among other endurance sports tech.

So, if you’re looking for details on that camera, or…on how to do action camera sizing via Haribo, hit up the play button above. Within it, I’ve divided it up into nine core sections, which you can find using the YouTube chapters option at the bottom of the video, they are:

0:00 Intro & Pricing
1:05 The Size & Comparisons
2:13 The Case Features
4:35 Video Modes, Stabilization, and Footage
7:22 Mounting Trials and Tribulations
10:19 The Apps (Desktop and phone)
11:24 Battery Life
11:52 Connectivity
12:07 Waterproofing
12:49 What I love & hate (5 of each)
15:30 Wrap-up

Still, here’s some quick specs for ya:

Video Resolution: 1440p at 50fps & 30fps, and 1080p for 120fps
Sensor size & Aperture: 1/2.3” @ F/2.2
Stabilization: Great in Pro mode, horrible in non-Pro mode
Video modes: Normal/Pro/HDR/Timelapse/HyperLapse/SlowMo
Storage: 32GB internally (no option to add)
Battery life: 30mins in camera, 150mins in case
Photo mode: 1920x1088px via INSP or DNG (that’s pretty low res)
Weight: Camera 26.5g and Case 63.5g
Waterproofing: Camera to 13ft/4m, but not case
Price: $ 299USD/319EUR

With that, I’m off onto my bike to get perhaps one last power meter data set. Enjoy the above video, and catch ya tomorrow!

Thanks for reading…err…watching!

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