GoPro Hero 8 Black Charging Door Accessory: Video Review Posted


This is a super quick post just to for the handful of you that are into action cam stuffs but may not also subscribe to the DC Rainmaker YouTube channel. Wait, you don’t?

For this particular piece of gear, I don’t plan a secondary textual review, because, well, it’s a 3cm piece of metal that has a hole in it. And, try as I might, this type of content simply does a heck of a lot better on YouTube. Thus, press the play button below for the sub-5 minute video (really, when was the last time I posted a sub-5 minute anything?!?):

Here’s the quick and dirty though…because, I just can’t leave a post with only one paragraph!

The battery door costs between $ 15-$ 20 depending on how much Amazon likes you on any given day. I’ve also seen it rarely cheaper too. It’s available in both the US and Europe, and probably elsewhere with enough Google-Fu.

The battery door replaces that of the GoPro one, and is made out of aluminum. It’s got a single whole at the bottom for you to stick your grubby hands through USB-C cable through to charge your GoPro. The door completely ‘locks’ once snapped in, just like the GoPro one. It comes in a box with zero instructions and merely just a piece of bubble-wrap around it:


However, given there’s a giant hole in the side of it, the GoPro is *NOT WATERPROOF* with this port installed. Which, is probably fine for most people, since you’re likely looking to just use it to charge your GoPro, or provide long-term power to it. So you were already setup for a non-watery situation given the electrical cord anyway. I’ve been using it for a bit more than a month now, including in light rain, sweaty situations, and strong snow. No issues.


From a build quality standpoint, this isn’t top-notch. It’s got some imperfections. The door bumps out perhaps 0.5mm beyond the GoPro at the upper edge. No biggie, but again, it’s not perfect. Also, I don’t anticipate it’ll last me a full year. But then again, I use my GoPro’s waaaaay more than the average bear (usually at least 1-3 times a day for shots/etc). So the door gets more usage than normal (SD card access, swapping batteries, etc…).


My best guess is that it’ll last me till summer, so about 4-6 months all-in. For a normal user, I’d imagine it’ll last the life of your GoPro.


Anyway, hit up the video above for the quick and dirty. Or, you can use either of the links below to help support the site:

US Link: // (offers ‘Global Delivery’)

EU Link: //

Oh – and, just in case it wasn’t obvious, I bought this thing myself. I have no idea who or what Ulanzi is, and they don’t know who I am. I simply have a disturbing addiction with charging accessories, and this is just the next in the always moving conga line of things I’ve bought.

With that – thanks for reading!

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