I’ve just published my full GoPro Hero 12 Beginners Guide, as a follow-on to past beginners’ guides – including the GoPro Hero 10 Beginners Guide, which has amassed more than 1.4 million views. In this guide I take you from opening the seal on the box, through to pairing up the camera, all the components, how to use the different modes, and plenty more. That includes getting into specialty modes like the night effects and TimeWarp, as well as more advanced tidbits like enabling LOG recording, HDR, and more.

As usual with any of my beginner’s guides, it’s not so much a review, as more a tutorial on how to use the products, after using it a ton myself. In this case, if you want the GoPro Hero 12 Black In-Depth Review, you can find that here.

Everything has YouTube chapters, so you can easily skip around to learn about the sections you’re most interested in:

0:00 Quick Intro
0:24 Hero 12 Unboxing & Hardware Components
5:55 Pairing & Initial App Updating
7:23 Hero 12 Main Video/Camera Modes
14:32 Camera Settings
19:04 Video Presets & Customization
22:22 Timewarp and Timelapse
25:35 Night Effects (Vehicle Lights/Star Trails/Light Painting)
27:23 Hero 12 Photo Modes/Interval Modes
30:25 HDR/LOG/High Bitrate/10-Bit
33:18 Bluetooth Mics
35:18 GoPro Media Mod
37:02 GoPro Max Lens Mod 2.0
39:28 GoPro Quick App Top Features
43:15 Top GoPro Accessories

With that, thanks for watching!!!

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