GoPro has just announced the new Hero 12 Black, which has a slate of new features – some hardware, some software, and some even app driven. This includes everything from doubling the battery life in certain modes, to adding Bluetooth headphone/mic pairing, to bringing back the recording preview on the GoPro phone app. Plus, a slew of other more minor features.

The Hero 12 Black is not a revolutionary upgrade, rather, it’s more evolutionary in nature. It’s not the rumored 1” sensor that people hoped for, but it does bring a ton of new features that people have actually been asking for. In the above video I dive through all those new features and plenty more, to explain what is and isn’t in the new Hero 12 Black.

Note that GoPro has put in place two different press/media embargoes. The first is for the announcement itself (today), where media are allowed to include shots of the camera and their own footage, but not permitted to comparison shots or opinions of said footage. And the second is later, where we can do whatever we want as usual (generally speaking, dual-embargoes exist elsewhere, but the only limitation is not including the word ‘Review’ in the title for first-look style stuff). Look, it’s confusing for everyone, but that’s them apples. Point being, if you do or don’t see certain things today, that’s why. I’ve been testing the camera for a while, against all their competitors and have boatloads of comparison footage/thoughts, which will be coming shortly as part of my full in-depth review and other videos already lined up and shot.

With that – thanks for watching!

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