Just a quick heads up for those that aren’t subscribed on YouTube, that I’ve just hit publish on my incredibly detailed hour-long user guide for the Garmin Epix Pro, from beginning to end. As usual I walk through all the features on the watch, both the basic/foundational features (for new users), but all the advanced bits, with boatloads of little pro tips/tricks along the way. Thus, whether you’re a first-time Garmin watch user, or upgrading from an older model that lacks the newest features released in the past year – this guide provides all the information you need to know.

In the Epix Pro, I dive into all the new features like Hill Score & Endurance Score, the flashlight, how it compares to the Fenix 7 Pro, how to setup data pages for sport profiles, training plans, races, and more. And I also cover HRV Status, Training Readiness, Training Status (and how it differs and has changed), and much more.

And there’s plenty of goodness and tips/tidbits in this video that I don’t cover as deeply in the written review – especially around navigation, music, and contactless payments. And best of all, you can skip right to the video section you’re looking for using the YouTube chapters in the video itself, or the quick-links below:

0:00 Quick Intro
0:22 The Epix Pro Models
0:45 Epix vs Fenix Quickly Explained
3:01 The Basics: Watch Face, Widgets, Activity Tracking
7:45 Sleep Tracking
10:35 Weather Radar Overlays
12:20 Morning Report
13:34 HRV Status Explained
Redshift, Always-On Display and Display Modes
Sport Modes & Configuration
26:27 GPS/GNSS Modes (including multiband)
29:49 Sensor Pairing and Heart Rate Broadcasting
31:11 Training Plans (Automated)
33:54 Training Readiness Deep-Dive
36:32 Training Status Explained
39:14 Endurance Score
41:33 Hill Score
43:52 Mapping & Navigation
50:27 The Flashlight
52:12 Contactless Payments
53:41 Offline Music (Spotify/Amazon Music/Deezer)
57:07 One Last Thing

I haven’t quite decided if I’ll do one for the Fenix 7 Pro, as frankly, every single item is the exact same above, save for the Display/Always-On section. Likewise, if you have an existing Garmin Epix (Non-Pro), you can always watch my older guide, but this guide actually has more of the newer features in it. Since the Garmin Epix (non-pro) is getting a firmware update later this summer with all the ‘Pro’ features, then it’ll be the same software-wise at that point.

With that – thanks for watching!

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