It’s not that I set out to cause misery for drones, rather, I view it more as a service that you’ll be able to use to determine which environments you can take your drone while doing whatever sports activity that you want to film – all autonomously (meaning, it’ll follow you automatically).

With the new DJI Mini 4 Pro, it’s got full 360* “omnidirectional” obstacle avoidance sensors, just like DJI’s higher-end drones. It’s the first time we’ve seen that, at this price point from DJI. Additionally, it also a new ‘Active Track 360’ feature, that lets you create more dynamic ActiveTrack movements mid-ride (or mid-run, or mid-kayak, etc…).

Of course, as always, I’m here to see how well these things hold up in real-life. And no better way to do that than test it against what has become The Gauntlet for testing the autonomous tracking capabilities of drones.

To see how well this drone holds up (and in this case, many times over), hit the play button up above. This little guy doesn’t give up easily.

Thanks for watching!

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