As is often the case with new drones, when the wind kicks it up a notch in the Netherlands, I head out to the pier to put it to the test. In this case, the newly released DJI Avata. This was the first time the wind has crested 50KPH since I’ve had the drone, so I zipped out there to give it a whirl.

Somewhat interestingly this was also the first time I’ve done one of these wind tests with the wind going out to sea (usually it comes in from the sea towards land). That increases the risk a bit, because if something goes wrong I have less opportunity to get it back (I explain this a bit in the video). However, more notably, this is the first time I’ve had a drone flip on me due to the winds being so strong.

Anyways, I just figured I’d post this here, merely for folks that don’t subscribe on YouTube (still?). I do these tests primarily to help others figure out what their drones are capable of, and which conditions are viable to fly various models in.

With that – thanks for watching!

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