For those not subscribed on YouTube, I’ve posted my complete DJI Action 4 In-Depth review video up there, including tons of comparison footage to the GoPro Hero 11 Black. The Action 4 is mostly a minor upgrade compared to the previous Action 3 (which was a major upgrade), however, it does include a new image sensor (1/1.3”), which can offer better low-light performance in some areas. I dive into whether or not it actually does that in the video (spoiler: It depends). Further, I go into detail on all the other new software features on the Action 4, including expanded Invisistick support to basically any mode you want (it allows you to use a 1.5m long selfie-stick, and then removes the stick in post-processing, sorta like how 360 cameras work).

Further, there’s also a new remote control that can start/stop recording on the camera, as well as feed back GPS data to the video file.


From there you can do overlay tags/stickers of: Speed, Route, Direction, Total Distance, Elevation, G-Force, and Inclination Angle. Those can be individually turned on, and moved around as you see fit. I turned them all on below. I’ll be doing a separate review on that in the next few days.


In the review I cover four main areas, with the clickable timestamps below:

0:54 What’s New/Different Compared to Action 3
8:10 Side-by-side comparisons to Hero 11 Black
12:10 Overheating Considerations
13:48 Final Thoughts/Recommendations

I’m also working on a written review, though, it’s been a very busy week and next week is promising to be the same, so trying to slot it in (especially since written reviews of drones/action cams seems to be going out of style).

For those that want to look at the raw/original/unedited comparison footage, you’ll find it here. This includes a number of comparisons sets, and I’m adding a few more here and there into it. In total there’s I think some 30GB+ of footage samples there, across a number of different scenarios.

With that – thanks for watching!


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