Day 213: Never Regret a Workout

Some cool Yoga fitness images:

Day 213: Never Regret a Workout
Yoga fitness
Image by Anomalily
[02/02/2017] Went to the morning for Bodyattack (dance cardio). It’s always hard to make it to the gym at 5:30, I much prefer 5:45 or 6AM (that extra half an hour makes a difference), but I never, ever regret going.

I shot all of these after class when the room was clear.

The day ended up being wildly productive for Oh My Dollar!, though I got super-behind on my W2 job. I ended up sending out the last stragglers of the zine before bed!

Mood: 6/6
Sleep: 7h59m (09:15PM to 05:14AM)
Miles Biked: 0
Miles Run: .3
Drinks of Alcohol: 0
Drinks of Caffeine: 3
Weather: 32F

Fit woman in the park plugging the earphones in her smartphone.
Yoga fitness
Image by shixart1985

Yoga fitness
Image by TimMurphyPhotography

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