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Some cool Yoga fitness images:

#042 defibrillator at fitness club
Yoga fitness
Image by Nemo’s great uncle
I don’t know where it’s hidden, but my fitness club (セントラルフィットネスクラブ用賀 = "Central Fitness Club Yōga") acquired an automated external defibrillator (AED) in July. I wonder how many on the staff have been trained in using it.

A = 自動(jidō) = "automatic/automated"
E = 体外式(taigai-shiki) = "external"
D = 除細動器 (josaidōki) = "defibrillator"

Tink & Hyper Hamlet Acro Photoshoot
Yoga fitness
Image by Hyper Hamlet
July 2015
Out first acro photo shoot with

Progress gallery of our Circus & Pole training

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Yoga fitness
Image by NCVO
The boy in the picture is called Adam, he is a young carer for his mum, he is very shy and is committed to helping his mum.

This photo was taken on a trip to South West Wales, where YMCA London South West took 9 children from the local social services on a trip of lifetime.

Adam is seen here holding his arms out, enjoying the beautiful moment, watching the talented surfer and the sun set.

Adam was very conscious of his body and as this was our first night he didn’t want to wear a wet suit and decided to go into the sea anyway in all his clothes.

Adam is a change maker as he has had to grow up a little faster, and care for his mother when usually its the other way around, this equals somebody embracing change and making the best of any situation. The time in Wales helped him to become a child again, release any stress and be around like minded children.

YMCA London south west is a charity which works with the community for the community. They enhance all areas of society, by doing youth music clubs, trips for seniors and festivals for residents, theater production for residents, gig nights, winter night shelters for the homeless, free yoga classes, cheap gyms, volunteer experiences and many more.

Based at four main centres and operating from fourteen separate locations, we provide a range of services to our local communities, including supported housing; children’s work; sports, health, exercise and fitness; youth work; residential care homes; catering services and conference facilities; short stay hostel accommodation and community programmes.

YMCA LSW are a true asset to the area and its people. With more support and funding they can help a greater volume of people, thus the positive effect will ripple to all areas of society.

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