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Some cool weight loss images:

Mark # 13 of 100
weight loss
Image by Thru_the_Glass
This is Mark. We met in a parking lot where free medical masks are being given out. He expressed the importance of health. Back in 2006, he had a heart attack. He changed to a plant based diet. He has lost 42lbs. He feels like a new man, with a new life.

Success: After Weight Loss Surgery 2008 – Charlotte, NC
weight loss
Image by kevin_d_old
Taken at the 2008 "Success: After Weight Loss Surgery" conference in Charlotte, NC hosted by Southeast Bariatrics in association with

February 18, 2016
weight loss
Image by osseous
Steady, but sure weight loss with my Withings app, Withings scale, and Myfitnesspal app.

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