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A few nice weight loss images I found:

Standard Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss
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Image by Stephen Pearson
Mixed salad recipe with a caption reading carbs restriction ketogenic diet for weight loss over the image

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Image by infomatique
A barrage balloon is a large kite balloon used to defend against aircraft attack by raising aloft cables which pose a collision risk, making the attacker’s approach more difficult. The design of the kite balloon, having a shape and cable bridling which stabilise the balloon and reduce drag, meant that it could be operated in higher wind conditions than a spherical balloon. Some examples carried small explosive charges that would be pulled up against the aircraft to ensure its destruction. Barrage balloons are not practical against very high-flying aircraft, due to the weight of the long cable required.

The Belfast Blitz consisted of four German air raids on strategic targets in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland, in April and May 1941 during World War II, causing high casualties. The first was on the night of 7–8 April 1941, a small attack which probably took place only to test Belfast’s defences. The next took place on Easter Tuesday, 15 April 1941. Two hundred bombers of the Luftwaffe attacked military and manufacturing targets in the city of Belfast. Some 900 people died as a result of the bombing and 1,500 were injured. High explosive bombs predominated in this raid. Apart from those on London, this was the greatest loss of life in any night raid during the Blitz.

The third raid on Belfast took place over the evening and morning of 4–5 May 1941; 150 were killed. Incendiary bombs predominated in this raid. The fourth and final Belfast raid took place on the following night, 5–6 May. In total over 1,300 houses were demolished, some 5,000 badly damaged, nearly 30,000 slightly damaged while 20,000 required "first aid repairs".

A Starting Point.
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Image by Caitlinator
A couple years ago I lost about 30 pounds, which on my five-foot frame was almost 1/5 of my body weight. After my wedding last April, I gained back 20 of them. It’s not really that I feel bad about my body as much as I regret the loss of all I worked so hard for. I don’t know if I’m going to lose weight again, but I do know it’s time to at least get real about it.

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