Cool Fitness images

Some cool fitness images:

These boots are made for walking
Image by brewbooks
These Lowa Tempest are my optimal long distance hiking shoe, this purchase was my third pair. As of September this year, I have walked 3300 km in a combination of these shoes or running shoes. I did a two-day 47 km hike on the Pacific Crest Trail two weeks ago, and decided that pair of Lowas needed to be retired.

There are a couple of areas where these could be improved. The insole is not very good, but I always replace them with the SuperFeet insole. Also, the inside of the shoe at the heel just wears apart, but with good socks I still find these very comfortable.

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Image by siim.kinnas

Scientific Seven Minute Workout
Image by Bernie Goldbach
From the 12 May NYT:…

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