Be Careful Drinking Weight Loss Shakes

Many people do everything that they can to loose weight including the right things such as counting calories. In the past, when someone counted calories they had to keep an accurate record of absolutely everything that was eaten from full meals to snacks. However, with the arrival on store shelves of a number of products which promote weight reduction, the job of recording calorie intake is made much simpler. There is no mixing or measuring with weight loss shakes and even the calories are pre-measured for your convenience.

These shakes have become very popular with those who live busy lives and do not always have time to cook proper meals or for those who are trying to avoid eating at fast food places. Plus these shakes do help to promote weight loss in what is generally a safe manner when consumed properly. Some of these shakes even report to be safe when drank by those with type 2 diabetes.

A Word Of Warning

In spite of the rather jazzed up promos on the benefits of the weight loss shakes, there are still side effects to some degree which the consumer should be made aware of. While it is safe to replace a couple of meals in this fashion, it is still very vital that you should be careful about these side effects.

1. The first major negative effect of these weight loss shakes that you should watch for is constant tiredness. When you body is already programmed from past eating habits to receive a certain amount of calories, reducing these calories too quickly can cause you to get tired very easily and very quickly. As an example, if you are used to taking in 2000 calories daily and the shakes reduce this amount to 1000 calories, then you won’t have enough energy to complete your regular activities. This is very important especially to those who have an active lifestyle.

2. These shakes can also play havoc with your digestive tract. This is because of the low fiber content that they have. The recommended amount of daily fiber for a healthy body is 20 grams of fiber and these shakes only contain 5 to 6 grams of fiber.

3. Because these shakes do not come in a wide variety of flavors, you still might have occasional cravings to deal with. If you substitute two meals daily with these shakes, your body will still have cravings for foods that were previously eaten before the diet.

4. Nothing that is made by man can replace the nutrition that is contained in fresh fruits and vegetables. These are natural foods and the vitamins, minerals, and fiber contained in them cannot be artificially reproduced no matter how close technology comes. In fact, indulging in these shakes instead of eating real food can result in malnutrition.

5. One last important point is that these weight loss shakes do not encourage you to have healthier eating habits. You have to remember to eat from all of the four food groups to be in good health.